Can Trauma Impact the Way We Feel About Our Bodies?

Can Trauma Impact the Way We Feel About Our Bodies?

April 28, 2021 Blog Smith Psychotherapy Associates Trauma 0
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Trauma can put a significant amount of strain on our bodies. Some people believe trauma is a result of experiencing a physical injury, but there’s a major mental aspect as well. You might experience trauma from a previous addiction, losing a loved one, seeing a loved one struggle, or many other factors. One thing trauma counselors often notice is trauma impacts everyone differently, but a common impact is how we feel about our bodies and treat them accordingly. It’s an interesting connection and one worth paying attention to if you’ve experienced a traumatic situation.

The Relationship Between Trauma And Our Metabolism

A single traumatic event can lead to extended stress and anxiety. Our bodies react to these feelings in different ways, and it takes extra energy to get through the day when you have to deal with high levels of stress. The body senses this and has to work harder to produce the energy needed to deal with the situation. The longer the body is under significant stress, the slower the metabolism will get too. Stress causes blood sugar levels to elevate, while also decreasing your metabolism at the same time.

Food Helps People Feel A Sense Of Comfort

Many people find comfort in food after a traumatic situation. However, most of the time the food isn’t of the healthy variety, which can lead to other issues in the long-term. Many online counseling professionals suggest focusing on eating a healthy diet so the brain has the appropriate nutrients and vitamins to function properly. Comfort food is acceptable to consume occasionally, but eating too much of it can lead to a false sense of comfort and reach the point where you become unhappy with your body.

Develop A Good Relationship With Your Body

If you speak with a therapist on Zoom, they might suggest that you closely examine your relationship with your body. Trauma can make you overeat and indulge in unhealthy meals, which in turn could make you not like your physical appearance. But when you have a good relationship with your body, you can counter these feelings by eating healthier meals and snacks and avoid developing long-term health concerns.

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