The Importance of Including the Mind, Brain and Body When Healing from Trauma

The Importance of Including the Mind, Brain and Body When Healing from Trauma

November 29, 2018 Blog Health Psychotherapy Smith Psychotherapy Associates Trauma 0
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When you are finding yourself in need of depression help or help from a traumatic experience, picking a mental health therapist who is right for you is going to be one of the most vitally important choices you make throughout the recovery process. One of the factors you want to focus on and understand with a deep sense of importance is the inclusion of the mind, brain, and body when you are healing from trauma. Trauma affects every part of your body, and finding mental health counseling that approaches your situation from a well-rounded and holistic point of view will allow you to fortify yourself in a stronger way than ever before.

What Does Involving the Mind, Brain, and Body Actually Mean in Terms of Therapy?

One of the most overlooked aspects of trauma, especially in a therapeutic setting, is the way the traumatic event makes a person feel physically. For those people who have been victims of multiple kinds of abuse, the idea of being touched is something that could send them into a panic attack from which it may take a considerable amount of time to recover.

This is because their minds are so used to being hypervigilant and on guard all the time that, on a sensory level, the thought of this kind of stimulus is terrifying. Their bodies are so used to being on guard that they cannot imagine living outside of that state, as it is simply too painful to bear. One of the ways mental health counselling can provide help for those who need it is by way of sensory therapy. A mental health therapist may use this therapy to allow the person to get back in touch with their physical self again.

What Are the Benefits of Integrating the Mind, Brain, and Body in Terms of a Therapeutic Setting?

For those who are seeking out depression therapy or other behavior health services, will find the therapy that successfully integrates both the physical and the cerebral aspects will not only be an overall boon to the therapeutic process, but also allow for an increased rate of recovery as well. This is because of the importance of the overall link between our physical well-being and our mental health.

Once a person is in a place where they are capable of letting their guard down and seeing that not all physical stimuli is reciprocated with negative consequences, they may be able to become active participants in their own recovery instead of waiting to be moved along by the process as if it were a separate entity working of its own volition. Empowering a person to not only be a patient, but a participant, in their own recovery is one of the most vital services a therapist can provide.

Can Those Who Have Suffered From Severe Trauma Ever Recover?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. However, in order to do so, a person must find a therapist who is willing to attack the problem from every possible angle, not only an intellectual one. Just because depression is a mental illness does not mean it does not carry a significant physical component with it, and to say otherwise would be nothing short of neglectful.

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