How Can Life Transition Counseling Help a College Student?

Download our new e-book, How to Deal With College Stress, where we break down the process for you!

When you are an incoming college student, a lot of changes are happening in your life, and they are occurring at a very rapid pace. At times, the transition can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’ve never really been away from home before, especially for a long period of time. So how are you supposed to overcome this feeling?

Download our new e-book, “How to Deal With College Stress,” where we break down the process into three chapters:

  • How to handle moving away from your support system for the first time
  • How anxiety therapy and life transition counseling can help new students
  • How to handle the post-traumatic stress of bullying or hazing incidents

This easy to read and informative e-book is designed specifically for incoming freshman and focuses on the ways in which life transition counseling can vastly improve their quality of life, especially in the first year of college. And what is the best part about the e-book?

It’s completely free! All you have to do is sign up with your name and e-mail, click the download link, and you’ll be able to immediately download the e-book and have all this information at your fingertips in one concise, easy to access place.

Life transition counseling is one of the best opportunities that an incoming freshman to college can take advantage of, and at Smith Psychotherapy Solutions, we’re happy to provide that service to our clients. If you have any questions, please download the e-book or feel free to contact us via our website or by phone. Our team is standing by and will be happy to take your call.

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