Helping Our Clients Lead Better Lives

At Smith Psychotherapy Associates, we specialize in Mental Health and Marriage Counseling. We also treat patients that have been diagnosed with medical conditions. 

Whether you are experiencing psychological trauma, having trouble in your relationship or having problems coping with a chronic illness, our mental health and marriage counselors are here to help you take the first, and last, steps toward recovery.

It may sound simple, but making the first appointment is often the hardest step for individuals to take. At Smith Psychotherapy Associates, we urge you to call us. Our mental health professionals are here to guide you through the entire counseling process, one step at a time

Our mental health and marriage counselors are trained to listen. By genuinely hearing each of our patients, we can create unique treatment plans based on an individual’s needs. We use a variety of services that use evidence-based approaches, including brief and long-term therapy, solution oriented therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, progressive relaxation therapy, stress management and interpersonal psychotherapy, and mindfulness based psychotherapy.

Whether you need help dealing with issues from your past, rediscovering the joys of your marriage or coping with a chronic illness, we are here for you. While our approach to counseling changes based on our patient’s issues and expectations, our ultimate goal is always the same—to improve a person’s quality of life.

If you are experiencing feelings or loss, sadness, fear, anger or abandonment, please call us. We will guide you through the counseling process, give you the tools to cope with everyday challenges and help you sustain a more productive and positive outlook on life.