Effective and Healing Ways to Cope With Grief and Loss

Effective and Healing Ways to Cope With Grief and Loss

April 21, 2021 Blog Depression Life Transition Psychotherapy Smith Psychotherapy Associates 0
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People often don’t know how they will handle the loss of a loved one until it happens. The wide range of emotions can be overwhelming at times when you try to reflect on the good times you had with the person, while also realizing those good times are over. Coping with grief and loss is often more difficult than people think, and sometimes virtual therapy sessions can help. We’ve provided a few effective and healing ways to cope with grief and loss.

Acknowledge Every Feeling You Have

Hiding your feelings and emotions can build up inside your body and become overwhelming. The first thing a grief therapist will tell you to do is acknowledge every feeling you have. This isn’t always easy to do because it’s human nature to try to decide which feelings and emotions are acceptable to others. It’s ok to have conflicting feelings and you might not feel the need to share those feelings with others, but just know that it’s completely acceptable to have them.

Give Yourself Time To Grieve

Every grief therapist will tell you to give yourself time when experiencing a tragic event. You might need more time than you think to deal with the loss of a loved one, so allow yourself more time than you think you’ll need. On a related note, some people do better by resuming normal life as quickly as possible. The important thing to remember is to understand your feelings and if you think you need more time to grieve, then take it.

Lean On Your Support System

Your support system is invaluable during times of loss. The feeling of being helpless overcomes many people during these times, so it’s important to know you aren’t alone in your struggles. Talking to friends or family members can help in more ways than you think. But even if you would rather not talk to that support group, you can also lean on virtual therapy sessions if you want to talk to a third-party about your struggles.

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