5 Ways to Plan a Peaceful Family Visit This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Plan a Peaceful Family Visit This Holiday Season

November 1, 2018 Blog Entertainment General Psychotherapy Smith Psychotherapy Associates 0
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If the end of the year is rolling around and you suddenly find yourself feeling like you need hypnotherapy, that may only mean one thing, family is coming to visit you this holiday season. If this is the case, here are five things you can do that will help you plan for a more peaceful family visit this holiday season.

An Ounce of Meal Planning…

To prevent needing a full out case of anxiety therapy from all the things you are trying to make happen simultaneously, you should break down the things you need to get done in bite sized chunks based on how important they are. It can be strongly argued that the most important thing to plan out beforehand are the meals, as they require the most work.

Get the Guest Bedroom Ready to Go

Often times, guest bedrooms go unused for most of the year because, well, they’re guest bedrooms. However, if you’re going to have company in them, it is advisable to get them cleaned and prepared beforehand as early as possible so you have one less thing to worry about. Also, if you and whoever is staying in the guest bedroom find yourselves continually arguing, it may be time to consider getting some form of counseling services.

Start Getting Gifts Way Before You Have To

A great way to make sure you don’t need hypnotherapy for stress relief this holiday season is to take care of all your shopping months before you have to get it done. Thanks to the advent of online retailers it is entirely possible to do all of your holiday shopping without even having to leave the house. Online shopping is a great service, and one that you should most certainly take advantage of.

Prepare Frozen Foods in Advance

Preparing foods in advance that are easy to freeze, such as burritos, taquitos, or even pita based sandwiches, will make things significantly easier as you prepare for your family to spend the holiday season with you. These foods are not only easy to prepare and freeze, but will also not lose any quality after they are frozen.

Have an Emergency Cleaning Kit Ready to Go

Because of the likelihood of an emergency happening when your family comes to visit in the form of a spill or a mess, it is a good idea to be prepared. Have an emergency cleaning kit ready to go so you can quickly handle any unexpected accidents that may come up.

If the thought of your family coming to visit for the holidays has you feeling as if you might need anxiety therapy, the wonderful team at Smith Psychotherapy Associates will be glad to take your call if you live in the Chicago area. Contact us via our website or by phone call today.