How to Enjoy the Holidays When You’re Far From Family

How to Enjoy the Holidays When You’re Far From Family

October 25, 2018 Depression Psychotherapy Stress 0
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Sometimes, life has a way of throwing a wrench in plans, and for whatever reason, we find ourselves away from the people who mean the most to us during the holiday season. Sometimes, this causes us to have a sadness that is pervasive and persistent, and if this is the case, you may consider seeking professional depression help. In the meantime though, here are a couple of things you can do to make the distance not feel so far away this holiday season.

Create Your Own Traditions

One of the great things about holidays are they unite people through shared traditions and rituals, but if you are unable to partake in those rituals with the people you care the most about, then make up traditions of your own. One of the great things about anxiety therapy is that it teaches you new ways of thinking about your core beliefs, so if this is giving you anxiety, this is an option you may consider.

Travel for the Holiday Season

Travelling is definitely something you should consider if you have both the funds and free time available this holiday season. It can ease the tensions about not being with your family members during the end of the year by virtue of removing yourself from what you are most familiar with and experience new things. If this is something you are considering but are putting off because of a fear of flying or something similar, it may be time to consider counseling psychology as a tool to help you conquer your fears.

Family Can Mean More Than Just Blood Relatives

There’s an old saying which says “friends are the family you choose.” It’s in moments of crisis, such as not being able to be near family for the holiday season, that we are reminded of just how true this idiom is. If you are unable to be near loved ones at the end of the year, see if you are able to be around close friends in the interim. In fact, depending on the relationships you have with people in your family, this option may actually be preferable in some cases!

This article has mostly been devoted to people who cannot be near their families for logistical reasons (i.e. military spouses). It is also possible people cannot be near their families because of estrangements, and in that case, counseling psychology may be beneficial.

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