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The Differences Between Anxiety and Depression

As with many things, the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression can overlap. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are anxious and depressed at the same time, but it could mean you aren’t sure exactly what you’re feeling, which makes it difficult to treat and overcome. A key is to understand the root cause of…
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May 19, 2021 0
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Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Treatment for Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Phobias

Anyone with anxiety, panic disorder or phobias understands only too well how severely these conditions can affect your life. Perhaps you’ve tried other therapy and treatment methods but are still seeking more effective relief. Hypnotherapy can give you the tools you need to secure real and positive change. Change that will have you feeling better…
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August 5, 2019 0
life transitions counseling

2 Surprising Ways to Start Off a Big Life Change

One of the biggest benefits of being involved in life transitions counseling is, well, the fact that it allows you to actually make transitions in your life as you move from one phase of your life to the next. Change may seem scary, and at the outset, it is often at least slightly uncomfortable. People…
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January 17, 2019 0
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3 Ways to Stay Positive in the New Year

The New Year is often a very emotional time for people, as it is often a prompt for deep, pensive thought about what has been accomplished during the year and where a person will be headed to over the next twelve months. If you struggle with staying positive over long periods of time, you may…
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January 10, 2019 0
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How to Set Realistic Goals You Can Actually Achieve

As the New Year will be here before we know it yet again, it is worth taking note of the fact that many people use this time of year to set goals for themselves in terms of the ways they can improve their lives for the upcoming year. However, research has been conducted on this…
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December 21, 2018 0
life transitions counseling

It’s Time to Close the Book on The Past Year and Start Fresh

When the holiday season is near it means the new year is not far behind. This is a powerful time of year for many people, as it gives them the opportunity to reflect and take a serious self-inventory of where they currently are in their life, and more importantly, where they want to be at…
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December 20, 2018 0
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The Three Phases of Trauma Recovery

Once you have undergone a traumatic experience, the primary goal from that point on is first and foremost always about recovery. This is, by no means, an expedient process, and nor should anyone who is currently using counseling services want it to be. The goal of using behavioral health services is to gradually improve your…
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December 6, 2018 0
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5 Ways to Plan a Peaceful Family Visit This Holiday Season

If the end of the year is rolling around and you suddenly find yourself feeling like you need hypnotherapy, that may only mean one thing, family is coming to visit you this holiday season. If this is the case, here are five things you can do that will help you plan for a more peaceful…
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November 1, 2018 0
life transitions counseling

How to Handle Moving Away from Your Support System for College

College is a new and exciting time in the life of an incoming freshman, but with all that excitement comes a whole flurry of various lifestyle changes. As a result, a new student can sometimes find themselves feeling overwhelmed, which could result in needing anxiety therapy or life transition counseling from a behavioral health services…
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October 3, 2018 0
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How Anxiety Therapy Reduces College Stress

Attending college is one of the most important times in a young person’s life, as it is often the first time they are moving away from home and their families. As a result of this, many incoming students can find the situation to be highly stressful, unsure of how to navigate their emotions. With that…
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September 26, 2018 0

Online Psychotherapy Myths

History will remember this as the online era. A time when devices devoured our attention, and where we learned how to do everything online from education, shopping, and entertainment to meeting new friends, finding dates, and creating new connections. The technological changes of the past few years have been amazing. However, that does not mean…
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March 2, 2016 0

Psychotherapy and Tai Chi

An interesting study came out recently showing how a combination of psychotherapy and martial art Tai Chi can help those suffering from insomnia and a host of other related illnesses. This should not come as a major surprise, since both psychotherapy and tai chi both focus on helping you deal with the emotions behind various…
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February 16, 2016 0