2 Surprising Ways to Start Off a Big Life Change

2 Surprising Ways to Start Off a Big Life Change

January 17, 2019 Life Transition Smith Psychotherapy Associates 0
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One of the biggest benefits of being involved in life transitions counseling is, well, the fact that it allows you to actually make transitions in your life as you move from one phase of your life to the next. Change may seem scary, and at the outset, it is often at least slightly uncomfortable. People are, by and large, creatures of habit by nature, and it stands to reason that once we have found something that works for us, we see no good reason to rock a perfectly steady boat.

The thing to take into account here, however, is that much like exercise, the brain needs change, even if it hurts in the moment. When things stay in a period of stasis for too long, the brain grows agitated, bored, and depressed, which could lead to the need of more extensive counseling services or hypnotherapy.

All of this leads to a very interesting question – if changes are so great, why is it so hard to actually get started making them? With that query in mind, let’s take a moment and dive into two surprising, and effective ways, that you can start off a big life change which will ultimately lead to a newer, and potentially wiser, you.  

Don’t Get Bogged Down in the Details

One of the most common reasons people do not ever actually attempt to make any big life changes is because they end up researching it so much that it takes all the actual joy and spontaneity out of the exercise in the first place. The whole point of trying to make a big life change is to challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before, and if that’s the case, why bother making a giant research sheet?

If you’re thinking about moving to another country, take a week off of work and actually go there. You’d be amazed what you can find out about yourself when you shut your brain off for a moment and let your intuition guide you.

Set Guideposts, Not Deadlines, For Yourself

The other way to help yourself successfully stick that big transitional landing is to make sure you don’t mire yourself down with specific deadlines for every single little thing.

Think about it this way – if you are at the bottom of a mountain, and you are trying to climb to the top, saying “I have to reach the summit by this time” and then obsessing over it won’t help. However, if you say “I’m going to climb for this many hours and see how far I get today,” you’re more able to put into context just how far you’ve climbed each and every day and begin anew again tomorrow.

Undergoing life transitions counseling is a great way to get started on implementing new goals for yourself, and your friends at Smith Psychotherapy Associates are always here to help you get started. Contact them through their website or by phone today.