What is Smiling Depression?

What is Smiling Depression?

March 17, 2021 Depression Health Psychotherapy Smith Psychotherapy Associates 0
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There are many reasons why people suffer from depression. It could be because of genetics or specific life circumstances, or a combination. Getting down to the root cause is important, but seeking counseling for depression is even more critical. Too many people suffer from something known as smiling depression. This is when the person is suffering and in pain but goes out of their way to ensure no one else recognizes it. Sometimes people don’t even realize they are doing it because it has become a normal part of life. Combating smiling depression is vital to a person’s mental health, and it starts by identifying the signs and symptoms.

Symptoms And Signs Of Smiling Depression

The symptoms and signs of smiling depression aren’t too different from the common depression signs. Those include feeling hopeless, sad, angry, or irritable. It may also lead to apathy, poor sleep, overeating, not eating enough, anxiety, and more. The difference for people with smiling depression is they fight through all of these signs to keep up with their daily lives. But just because those people can fight through the pain doesn’t eliminate the fact that they are suffering internally.

Why People Hide Depression

People hide depression for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that they don’t believe they are depressed and don’t need to seek therapist services. Other people might feel ashamed or embarrassed that they have mental health problems and don’t want others to see them. Some people even feel like they are a burden to other people they associate with and make extra efforts to hide their feelings. No matter what your situation or feelings are, getting counseling for depression is critical to living a genuinely happy life.

Get Help To Improve Your Life

Smiling depression can bring about many serious risks to a person’s mental health. It can often make a person feel so overwhelmed that they begin having suicidal thoughts because they don’t want to seek help from therapist services. In fact, people who suffer from smiling depression are often at a higher risk of committing suicide and it being a complete surprise to others because they are so good at hiding it. If you are suffering in silence or expect that a loved one is, seek the help of therapist services. There’s no shame in doing so and understand you’ll never be a burden to anyone by doing it.

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