The Physical Effects of Grief

You might experience grief when losing a loved one or when a long-term relationship ends. Grief is often thought of as being something that affects people mentally, but it’s important to understand the physical effects it can have as well. Speaking with a grief therapist can help both the mental and the physical aspects, and here are some of the physical signs you might experience throughout the process.

Lowered Immune System

Grief can lower the immune system to the point where you get sick more often. It’s particularly common for older people to get sick when grieving because their immune systems are likely lower already. It’s important to prioritize your physical health during times of grief, and therapist services can provide you with some tips on how to achieve this.

Sleep Issues

When thoughts are constantly racing through your mind during the grieving process, it can make getting quality sleep much more difficult. It’s critical to get enough sleep every night. Otherwise, you could find your physical health deteriorating along with your mental health. The good news is sleep issues are usually temporary and will fade as the grieving process ends.

Heart Concerns

The stress your body goes through when losing a loved one is something you usually can’t experience any other way. This stress can increase the risk of experiencing a heart attack, so it’s vital to seek telehealth counseling to help reduce some of the mental and physical stress to keep your body healthy and strong. Heart concerns might just be temporary during the grieving process, but seek medical assistance if the issues continue.

Developing Unhealthy Habits

The grieving process can lead you to make poor health choices. Eating too much or not eating enough is common when people grieve. Some people might even revert to bad habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol to cope. These unhealthy habits need to be identified immediately, and you should seek therapist services to find alternative ways to cope before the bad habits spiral out of control.

Smith Psychotherapy Solutions offers telehealth counseling for anyone who might be going through a tough grieving process. Losing a loved one impacts everyone differently, so it’s important to accept the process while being aware of what your body is going through. If you’re having a hard time with the grieving process and need some assistance, contact us at any time and we would be happy to help.