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Online Psychotherapy Myths

History will remember this as the online era. A time when devices devoured our attention, and where we learned how to do everything online from education, shopping, and entertainment to meeting new friends, finding dates, and creating new connections. The technological changes of the past few years have been amazing. However, that does not mean…
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March 2, 2016 0

Psychotherapy and Tai Chi

An interesting study came out recently showing how a combination of psychotherapy and martial art Tai Chi can help those suffering from insomnia and a host of other related illnesses. This should not come as a major surprise, since both psychotherapy and tai chi both focus on helping you deal with the emotions behind various…
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February 16, 2016 0

Improving Your Self-Concept Through Psychological Strategies

Your self-concept is the defining factor in how you feel about yourself. It comes from your core philosophies that defined you over the years. From your upbringing to your environment, culture, and experiences, your self-concept is a little reminder of every step you took on the way to become you. However, sometimes our concept of…
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February 11, 2016 0
old couple sleeping

Dealing with Grief and Loss

The grief of dealing with the loss of someone you love can be unbearable. The emotions that run through you are more than you can handle sometimes. It’s as though someone has ripped your heart out and is just stomping on it over and over again. Some days, it may seem like you can’t go…
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February 5, 2016 0
seasonal affectiveness disorder

Psychotherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Most people associate the holidays and winter as a festive time full of parties and revelry. However, this can also be a time of sadness for some people. While some reminisce about the things they miss, others suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). According to recent reports, over 14 million Americans suffer from the condition.…
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January 7, 2016 0

Fight Depression by Reducing Stress with Mindfulness

The busyness that most of us deal with on a daily basis can make us stressed and depressed. As we run through our days, it’s not easy to stop and pay attention to our bodies and minds. Instead, our bodies and mind go into crisis mode and after a while, we start to feel depressed.…
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December 15, 2015 0

The Use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to Treat Trauma Patients

One of the primary reasons why dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) can help improve trauma patients’ ability to cope is that it enables them to understand the emotions behind behaviors. Since the creation of DBT, it has helped to treat numerous types of mental health disorders. Understanding the DBT Process DBT is based on cognitive behavior…
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November 16, 2015 0
multiple sclerosis

How Psychotherapy Can Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple sclerosis (MS) leaves a lasting physical and mental impact on a person. While it is vital to treat the physical symptoms that characterize the disease, it is equally as important to treat the mental challenges. That is why we want to examine how psychotherapy can help MS patients. Psychotherapy for multiple sclerosis patients We…
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September 28, 2015 0

Modern Marriage Counseling Methods

The modern marriage faces a number of challenges that marriages did not face in the past. Perhaps that is why it is so important that you have a number of modern marriage methods for ensuring that your modern marriage is strong. The methods we discuss below have been refined over the past few decades to…
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April 3, 2015 0

 Helping Skokie Seniors with Aging Gracefully

Recently, I was speaking to some of Skokie seniors about how they aged gracefully. While many look at age as a just a number, these senior had the right attitude and outlook on aging that I believe many in our community can benefit learning more. Here is what they believe. Be active every day. One…
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March 28, 2015 0

Treating the emotional side of gastrointestinal disorders

One of the founding fathers of our country wrote a book that would make anyone with a gastrointestinal twitch giddy with excitement. It was called Fart Proudly. While not as widely known as some of Benjamin Franklins’ other works, it showed that humans need to fart for health reasons. Franklin was not just blowing steam…
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March 19, 2015 0

3 Approaches to Work through Post-Traumatic Stress

At one time in the mid-1960’s a mystery started happening with returning Vietnam veterans. Unlike veterans of previous wars-World War II and Korean War- these veterans seemed to be suffering emotional trauma. The question was why they were suffering this way when previous generations did not have this emotional damage. At the heart of this…
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February 16, 2015 0