5 Steps to Help You Transition from College to Career  

5 Steps to Help You Transition from College to Career  

January 27, 2015 Uncategorized 0

recent college graduateA recent phenomenon has occurred with recent college graduates. Unlike previous generations, they are having trouble adjusting to the transition between college and independence. Why is that?

While a number of factors come into play, add in modern stressors like a shaky job market where 36% of graduates will not use their college degree for their first job along with an average college debt of $25,000, and it is no surprise that Millennials are the most stressed generation in recent history.

However, knowing there is a problem is very different from solving it. The next question is how can help reduce the stress faced by college graduates.

5 Rules to Transition from College to Independence

Do what you love- If nothing else, follow your passions in life. Money is important to an extent, but it is not everything. The majority of successful people in life – e.g. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, etc. – did not start out looking to become wealthy. Instead they did what they loved, and became so good at it that the money followed.

This is true for virtually everyone. If you do not like what you do then you will struggle to get ahead in your profession.

Keep Learning- According to recent Pew Research Center study, 28% of all Americans have not even read a book in the past year. Another 31% of Americans have read only 1-5 books in the past year.

Reading itself is a direct indicator of success. That is partly why 60% of inmates are functionally illiterate, while only 4% of level 5 (highest level of literacy) readers live below the poverty line.

The more you read the more skills you learn. This can translate into being better at your job at work, and even learning skills to start up your own business if you choose to do so.

Go to bed- One of the worst parts of college are the bad habits we pick up, like going to sleep late, waking up early for classes, and doing all-nighters. However, a steady level of sleep has proven to improve your motor skills, energy level, and critical thinking skills.

Unplug- Spend some time every day on yourself. Yes, you have a lot to do every day. That does not mean you should avoid taking a 15-minute break to meditate, work out, or just read a book. Turn off your computer, put your phone on airplane mode, and just unplug from the world for a little bit each day.

Schools had rules and graduation; life does not- The biggest challenge for young adults who graduate college is that they must remember that in life there are no rules and graduation. Life is about constantly adapting to circumstances beyond your control. Then when you conquer that challenge, you need to move on to the next, bigger challenge.

Successful people deal with bigger challenges. It does not mean they are better than anyone else is. It just means they have overcome more to get there.

The Transition from College to Career

There is a reason why growing up has growing pains. It is not always easy, and can require you to adjust your view of the world. However, when you add purpose and meaning to your life the transition between college and career becomes easier. The question you need to ask yourself is what will I do now to make the transition easier. Let us know in the comments below, or if you have an idea you want to let us know in private send us message.



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