Successfully work through the emotional side of Multiple Sclerosis

Successfully work through the emotional side of Multiple Sclerosis

March 1, 2015 Depression Illness 0

Multiple sclerosis is not the end, and can be the impetus to positive change in your life. While it is a tough, debilitating disease, recent advancements in medicine and psychology have shown vastly improved methods to conquer multiple sclerosis.

I have known individuals who had MS for over 30 years, and the quality of their life decreases every single year. This is why over 50% of those with MS face severe depression at some point in their treatment.

However, recent evidence shows that there is a chance for those with MS to live a full and exciting life?

Therefore, we need to look at how to help those with MS live again without feeling depressed, angry, or grief stricken.

Medicine– The famous talk show Montel Williams was diagnosed in 1999 with MS. To reduce the disease progression, he has used the medical injections.

Over the past two decades, researchers have made astounding jumps in developing medicines that slow the progression of this disease. While they will not ultimately deter the disease from happening, they will allow many to live a more fulfilled life with less side effects from the disease.

Providing Goals-One of the best approaches for helping those with Multiple Sclerosis to overcome their depression is by providing them with goals.

Many with MS have lived full and successful lives. Take Richard Cohen, the husband of talk show host Meredith Vieira. He was diagnosed at 26 with MS, and his since gone on to become an Emmy winning writer. His auto-biography Blindsided: Lifting a Life above Illness: A Reluctant Memoir, available on Amazon, empowers others with the illness to take action.

While you do not need to be an Emmy winning writer, you might not need to derail your career goals either.

MS Fears

Being Proactive- Many people with MS need to start making healthier lifestyle choices. From reducing sugars and other unhealthy food choices, be proactive in approaching MS. R&B singer Tamia says that living with NBA star Grant Hill helps her eat a balanced meal and stay in shape.

She even had children after she was diagnosed. This was all possible, because of the healthy lifestyle she leads.

Additionally, you will want to remain active for as long as possible. Research has shown that part of the weakness and fatigue many with the illness experience is not from the disease, but from living a sedentary lifestyle. Essentially, the more someone feels tired and does not perform physical activities, the worse the disease becomes.

Attempt to perform some type of daily action every day that requires you to move around. It can even be going to a social out or leaving your house. Whatever makes you get up and move around can only be a good thing for your body.

MS Feelings

Dealing with Depression and MS

Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating disease. However, you do not have to face it alone. Use your support network to help you through this trying time.

If that is not enough, seek professional help. Your mental well-being could be one of the greatest strengths in your quest to live a fulfilling life with MS. Let our office know how we can be of assistance by calling us at 847-824-8366


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