Holiday Stress Busters

Holiday Stress Busters

December 22, 2015 Stress 0
holiday stress

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time of year. It’s not exactly that way for many people, though. People are tired, grumpy, and overwhelmed. Usually, this is because they suffer from holiday stress. That stress prevents them from experiencing the beauty of the holiday season.

holiday stressAs Santa makes his arrival, you may want to consider implementing the following holiday season stress busters. They may just help you find the joy in this joyful holiday season.

Change Your Expectations

As much as you want the holiday to be perfect to make everyone happy, you need to also take some of the pressure off yourself. The pressure makes you feel the way you do. A study published in the American Psychological Association found participants who changed their expectations experienced less stress. Try it – you’ll probably feel better instantly when you don’t demand so much from yourself.

Let Go of Grudges

The holiday seasons brings back sour feelings about family members. Instead of holding on to something that happened years ago, try to forgive and let go. Research finds that forgiveness is a powerful stress reliever and can actually improve your health.

Eat Healthy

You know when you don’t eat enough, you feel jittery and sluggish. Eat at least 6 times a day, but not junk food. Eat healthy foods that give your body energy, so you can get all that you need done. It may mean you have to plan for what you’ll eat when you’re out and about, but it’s worth it when you feel better as you go about your day.


Don’t give up exercise because it takes up 30 minutes of your day. It’s just a half an hour, and it can give you the energy you need to do more in less time.  The plus side is it reduces stress levels, as research has found.

Give Yourself a Break

You may have a lot of work to do to get ready for the holiday, but that doesn’t mean you have to get it all done in one day. Give yourself breaks regularly, so you don’t get too tired. The other benefit of it is you get to step back and really experience the season. When you’re running around, you may not even notice it. However, when you’re still, you can look around and see how beautiful the world is during this time of year.

Move on from Mistakes

Mistakes happen. It doesn’t mean you are dumb or incapable. It just means you are human. Don’t beat yourself up over them. It’s not worth it because it increases your stress levels. Give yourself a pep talk after you make a mistake. You may have not made the right choice, or you failed at something you were trying to do. It’s okay; there are worst things in life. With this attitude, you will feel much better about the season, and be able to be happy for the things that you are doing correctly.

Remain Positive

Positivity is a great stress buster. When you tell yourself that everything is going to go wrong, you will start to feel as though everything is going wrong. This raises your stress levels significantly. Substitute every negative thing you think and say with something positive. It may not work at first, but if you do it long enough, you’ll start to believe it. That’s what will help you calm down and feel better about everything going on around you.

Turn Up the Music

Music relieves stress. Turn it up in the car, at home, and even at the office. If you want to release more tension, start singing along.

Keep Relieving Stress Year Round

As the holiday season ends, don’t think you need to stop using these tips. You can take advantage of them throughout the year to help keep your stress levels low. The holiday season can be a practice run for the rest of the year.



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