Does Pre-Marriage Counseling Really Help You Avoid Divorce?

Does Pre-Marriage Counseling Really Help You Avoid Divorce?

November 28, 2015 Marriage Therapy 0
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With the divorce rate sitting around 40-50%, it’s no surprise that many unmarried couples are afraid of taking the next step in their relationship. Divorce is all around us, and it’s hard not to think about it and wonder if that’s what’s in store when you get married.

What Pre-Marriage Counseling Can Do for You

Many people decide to seek pre-marriage counseling to help them avoid divorce later. But does it work?

pre-marriage counseling The answer isn’t simple. Yes, pre-marriage counseling can reduce the risks of divorce. When you and your significant other sits down with a counselor to discuss some of the major issues that come up in marriage, you’re able to solve problems before they become problems. In a neutral setting, you can both discuss what’s on your mind, and then compromise. This can help you see that you are both perfect for one another because you have similar desires for life.

However, sometimes, in pre-marriage counseling you find there are many issues that you’re unable to solve. Neither of you may want to compromise on them, and that can lead you to feel as though you may have made a mistake by thinking of marriage. Don’t be afraid of this, even though it is frightening to think of the possibility. This is what can help you avoid divorce.

During pre-marriage counseling, you will also learn some ways to approach problems in your marriage later on. As long as you hold on to the lessons you learn during pre-marriage counseling, you will be able to avoid some of the risks of divorce. You can keep moving forward in your marriage without falling into the depths of marital problems that can make you want to give up.

Skills that will take you far in your relationships are reviewed in pre-marriage counseling. You’ll learn how to improve your communication skills. This will help you discuss important issues with your future spouse, so you both will feel understood and respected.

Intimacy may not be a concern now, but it can become one later. Knowing what to expect in the years ahead can help you see some of the signs that could lead to problems in your romance.

Many people see marriage as a fairy tale. It’s not easy. There will be problems, but it’s not the problems that you should be concerned with, but it’s how you approach and deal with them that matters.

A Divorce Free Life

As you are reading this, you may start to see pre-marriage counseling as the ticket to a divorce free life. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Having pre-marriage counseling doesn’t exonerate you from divorce. It helps you deal with some of the issues that come up in a marriage that lead many couples to divorce. Whether you end up divorcing depends on you and your partner and the willingness to work through the trials of marriages. Pre-marriage counseling gives you a great start and marriage counseling gives you the maintenance you need to keep you and your spouse satisfied and happy in the marriage.

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