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multiple sclerosis

How Psychotherapy Can Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple sclerosis (MS) leaves a lasting physical and mental impact on a person. While it is vital to treat the physical symptoms that characterize the disease, it is equally as important to treat the mental challenges. That is why we want to examine how psychotherapy can help MS patients. Psychotherapy for multiple sclerosis patients We…
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September 28, 2015 0
successful marriage

The Secret to Having a Successful Marriage

Getting married is a wonderful time in your life. You are planning a beautiful wedding and you’re in love with someone you want to be with forever. Despite all of the warm, fuzzy feelings you have right now, there’s probably one looming concern – will it last? Knowing the secret to having a successful marriage…
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September 21, 2015 0

The Value of Mindfulness in Treating Depression

Depression is a mental state where people often feel like they lose control of their lives. Something goes wrong and they need it to feel right again. It does not mean that something is wrong with the person, but just their perspective of the situation has changed. That is why often depression happens after specific…
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September 11, 2015 0

Psychotherapy for Cancer Patients: Does It Help?

Researchers have been studying the effects of psychotherapy on cancer patients for the last few years. Mostly because once terminally ill patients are told there is no hope, their health seems to deteriorate at a faster rate compared to before they were given the word about their fate. Most of the literature seeks to understand…
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August 31, 2015 0

Top Couples Counseling Questions

In 1953, the American public was introduced to couples counseling in a featured article in Ladies Home Journal. Since that time, the field has evolved into an institution that saves countless marriages every year. However, at the end of the day most couples still have many of the same questions about how couples counseling can…
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August 14, 2015 0
fighting for love

The Ultimate Guide to Marriage Counseling

Is it just me or do more and more fairy tale weddings seem to end in marriage counseling rather than in happily ever after? Think about the traditional fairy tales. These tales led us to believe the characters lived happily ever after. From an early age, we dream of the fairy tale wedding, but how…
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July 29, 2015 0
solution oriented therapy

How to Use Somatic Experiencing Therapy for Trauma Resolution

Have you ever experienced a traumatic moment? It might have even been a life or death situation. Maybe you were in a serious car accident? Perhaps you are a veteran? Whatever the case may be, you suffer some form of trauma from this incident. In many cases, the initial event is not the problem. It…
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July 14, 2015 0

Solution Oriented therapy by Bill O’Hanlon

Do you remember the song you used to sing as a kid, “if you are happy and you know it clap your hands? If you’re happy and you know it and your face will surely show it…” Even early on in life we realize that we just want to be happy. However, the challenge many…
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June 25, 2015 0
multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis:  How Psychotherapy helps patients live with the illness

Multiple sclerosis damages the body in many ways. However, what is not often discussed is the mental challenges that arise from people who live with this illness. Fortunately, modern medicine has not only been able to provide cures for many living with multiple sclerosis (MS), but also found ways to improve the mental state of…
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June 10, 2015 0

New Northeastern District Chair for the NASW Illinois Chapter

I have some great news! After the recent 2015 NASW Illinois Chapter Election, I was elected the NORTHEASTERN DISTRICT CHAIR. Below is the announcement from Nina Nguyen, NASW Illinois Chapter Manager, Communications and Membership.  Congratulations to the newest members of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Illinois Chapter Board of Directors! All new board members will begin…
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June 2, 2015 0

Cancer: Mindfulness, psychotherapy and coping with cancer

The oldest description of cancer comes from a document in Egypt over 3,000 years ago. It has been one of the most persistent illnesses afflicting man since the beginning of time. However, modern medicine has made tremendous strides in the past few decades eradicating this disease, so people can live longer, productive lives. Nowhere is…
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May 19, 2015 0

Bipolar Disorder:  Managing Emotions through Psychotherapy

Can I overcome bipolar disorder? That is one of the biggest question I get from patients. They want to know the best way to manage their emotions from this mental illness, but are frustrated at finding the right path to accomplish their goals. That is why in this article we talk about some of the…
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May 14, 2015 0