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College students across the nation will find themselves back at school. Many are heading off to college for the first time so this may be a very stressful transition period. Know that our friends at Smith Psychotherapy Associates are here to help if you're in need of counseling services.

You will find helpful information on:

  • A link to our new eBook, How to Deal With College Stress
  • Links to helpful information on our website
  • Our latest blogs dealing with the stress of going back to campus

If you are a college student or anyone in the Chicago area and you find yourself in need of a mental health counselor, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the compassionate experts at Smith Psychotherapy Associates.

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Stress-Free College Life


This month we've put together a wonderful eBook that's specially written for college students. Our informative eBook covers a variety of topics that students will likely deal with over the course of moving off to college and the changes that will occur during their first year.

We go into detail about what moving away from home for the first time is like, how anxiety therapy and life transition counseling can ease student stress over the months, and how to seek help if you have been bullied or hazed.

We sincerely hope this book provides useful and easy-to-implement information for anxious students and how they can avoid college stress. You can receive this valuable and free eBook simply by clicking the button below.

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