The Use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to Treat Trauma Patients

The Use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to Treat Trauma Patients

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One of the primary reasons why dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) can help improve trauma patients’ ability to cope is that it enables them to understand the emotions behind behaviors.

Since the creation of DBT, it has helped to treat numerous types of mental health disorders.emotion mind

Understanding the DBT Process

DBT is based on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). By understanding that you can make small changes in your actions and accept who you are, you are then able to diffuse your anger at yourself and others.

The key part of dialectical behavioral therapy is that it is a collaborative effort between you and your counselor. For example, you could be required to do homework, engage in role-playing, or practice other skills in between sessions.

Your therapist provides you with the information during your weekly psychotherapy sessions. Another option for DBT could include weekly group sessions that last 2 ½ hours.

DBT also works very well in tandem with mindfulness exercises to help patients with three specific skills: observing, describing, and participating.

How to use DBT to reduce emotional limitations

To help you with Reducing Emotional Vulnerability use the acronym PLEASE MASTER:

PL –Physical health and treat pain/illness.please master

E – Eat a balanced diet and avoid excess sugar, fat, and caffeine.

A –Avoid alcohol and drugs.

S – Sleep regularly and adequately.

E – Exercise regularly.

MASTER – Daily activities to build confidence and competency.

Final Thoughts

DBT has the power to help change the behaviors in life that are not supporting a person’s goals. Trauma does not mean that a person needs to continue suffering the emotional abuse of the event. Instead, using therapies like DBT can help victims overcome them in their life.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from using DBT to overcome their own traumas call us at 847-824-8366.


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